Friday, November 21, 2014

Video Blog and Surgery

It seems like once again things have taken a stand still in my search. This isn't surprising to me. It seems to be the cycle of my search.

I had surgery on Monday to have my gall bladder removed. I have been having problems with it for a couple of years, but just found out recently it was my gall bladder. The doctor wanted to take it out and even though the thought of surgery and removing an organ from my body was scary, I  went ahead and did it. The surgeon said that my gall bladder was twice the normal size. Right now I am recovering and ready to feel normal again. I have been researching everything about life without a gall bladder and gall bladder disease.

 Gall Bladder disease is more common in females and it is hereditary. There is that word- Hereditary!! It is a scary word to me, because I have NO family medical history! I have 3 daughters. I have always been afraid that I would have something that I could pass on to them and not even know it ran in my "family." I pray my girls never have any problems with there gall bladder. If I had known that this was a condition that ran in my "family" I could have done things in my life to possibly prevent this surgery. I am thankful that this is not a life threatening illness but I am saddened that it is a reminder that there is so much about me that I don't know.

Heredity can be as simple as eye color or as complex as cancer. Whatever the case may be I have no clue what I have inherited or could pass on to my kids. Honestly that is one of the scariest parts of being adopted, the unknown. I still have hope that some day I will find my family and finally be able to fill out that family medical section of my medical paper work….

I decided to take my search a step forward and start a video blog. I get a lot of messages with tips and ideas for searching. I also get a lot of messages from people searching and asking me for ideas and tips. I am going to use this video blog to share my story and what I have done in my search, what has worked and what hasn't worked.

I know it can be overwhelming searching for someone. Starting is the hardest thing. I hope my video blog can gel people that are searching as well as help get my story out. I attached the first video to this blog. I plan to do one every week, although I will admit that life gets busy sometimes so I may miss a week here or there, but I plan to stay on track.

I have so much support from my followers and I would just like to give back. Please watch my video and share it. If I can't find my biological family, I would at least like to help someone else in their search.


  1. I hope your recovery continues to go well, Maybelle. God's Blessings as you persevere in your search.

  2. How are you doing? Just thought I'd check in and let you know that there are people who are still out here praying for you.

  3. I know it probably seems like you have done so much to share your story through the media, but I am from the Tulsa area and just found out about your story yesterday. Keep trying. Keep sharing your story. Not everyone has heard it. I can't believe everything you have been through. It's exhausting and an emotional roller coaster just to read about. I am pulling for you. Someone knows. They are out there.

  4. Maybelle,

    Don't stop looking, never stop looking! Although I was not abandoned, I was adopted and started searching for my biological family. There were so many questions I had that needed answers to. After a time I got a phone call from a woman named Dawn (God bless her) and she had put my information and my mothers together, called to see if I would be interested in talking to her. Dawn had already been in contact with my biological mother and she was interested in talking to me. I had believed that she would want nothing to do with me, boy was I wrong!

    As a mother who once thought I would have to give my child up, I know the thought of it tore me to pieces. I cannot imagine what your biological mother went though to actually have to walk away and live for years not knowing what happened to you, if you were hungry or safe, if you cried and were comforted.

    Don't give up, don't ever stop looking because the rewards of actually finding your biological family, of having those questions answered are worth every second, every tear, and every prayer. I have brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles. There was a whole family out there waiting for me to come home and I'm sure there is one for you as well.

  5. Stories like yours just grab me by the heart strings. All I can say is I hope you find your mom. Wish I had someone like you looking for me. God Bless you!

  6. As a mother that placed her only birth son for adoption at birth, I urge you to please never ever give up searching. May God Bless you and lead you to your family.

  7. Just wondering if you have moved your blog elsewhere or if you just haven't blogged since 2014. I am from a town south of Tulsa, born in 76 and just came across your story today. I have shared it on my fb since almost all my friends Are local. My prayers go out for you to find your biological family or for them to find you. May God Bless you in your search!