Sunday, December 8, 2013


Have you ever wondered what it is like to not know anyone related to you? I know how that feels. Even though I try to stay strong, I have to admit that it is a real struggle to deal with everyday. My children are the only thing I have to actually call a blood relative. They are so much like me its amazing. I can't help but wonder who I take after. My mother? My father? People always ask me where I got my red hair or what nationality I am. I have no answer for them. I often wonder myself. I would love to know what nationality I am. Its hard when you go to the doctor and they want to know your family history. I have none. It's often the little things that we take for granted that I have no knowledge of. My children are curious as well. Everyone assumes that if I ever find my bio family that my first questions will be why did you leave me in that phone booth. But its quite the opposite. Whatever reason I was left doesn't really matter to me. I use to make myself sick thinking about that. 35 years later I really don't care what the reason was. I just want to find my family. My questions are more focused around heritage. Do I have siblings? My kids could have cousins. My heart has always longed for a sister. Maybe there is someone out there who will actually understand me. Maybe someone like me with the same interests and talents. Someone I have things in common with. I have been searching for my family since I found out the whole story at 18 years old. My heart has cried for them daily. I am stepping up my search starting today. It always seems like I search and it leads to nothing so I step back. Not this time. I am going full force. I will be using social media along with the television media. I have a surprise in the works to that I will announce at a later date. I have people on board to help me this time. I know that everything happens in God's time and I believe its time. Sometimes I feel like my life is falling apart but I know God said He will never leave me or forsake me. As you learn more about my story you will see how true that statement really is. I will be sharing my story in pieces here as well as how the search is going. This is just the beginning and I believe that the ending will be a happy one. 9 years ago News 9 did a report on me. At the end I said if I never find them that will be ok. That's not true. I will not be ok without them. I need and want my bio family. I will not stop my search until I find them. You can help me by sharing my story all over the internet. All social media networks. Look for babymaybelle on Instagram. I will be making a facebook page soon as well. Share my blog. Share my story. If you have info that could help me or just want to send words of encouragement email me at
I want to thank you in advance for helping me. I cant do this alone but with the help of people willing to share my story I know it can be done.
My adoptive parents named me Amy which means Beloved
Romans 9:23 God calls the nobodies and makes them somebody, He calls the unloved and makes them Beloved. I will truly be beloved when I am reunited with my biological family!

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