Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Power of Social Media in one week.

My life has changed so much in one week.  I never dreamed in a million years how much my life would change by one simple picture. The power of school media, the compassion of people, the power of prayer, and the two seconds it takes to hit the share button changed my life!!

On March 28, 2014 about 4pm I posted a pic to Facebook in search of my biological mom.  The response was amazing. My post was shared all over the United States and in several different countries. I received so many encouraging messages and prayers. I met some amazing people in a few short days. I followed every single lead that  I received.  This was the closest I had ever been to finding my biological family. Then I received a message that changed everything…..
A week ago today  I received a message from someone with some pretty convincing information. I listened to everything this person had to say. I was told what my biological mother's name was. I quickly searched her name on Facebook and added her as a friend. My children and I were stunned at the resemblance I had to her. I messaged her right away. Needless to say I caught her totally of guard and shocked her. After chatting for a while she told me that she was my mother. She also told me the circumstances surrounding my birth. I am not ready to go into detail on my blog at this time about those circumstances. But I will say this…. My biological mother is a very strong and courageous woman. She saved my life by placing me in that phone booth and calling the cops. I am so thankful to her for protecting me and saving my life.  We have chatted every day for the past week. WOW! I can't believe it has been a week already! We are getting to know each other more everyday. It is amazing. We are so much alike! I love it!  I haven't stopped smiling yet. My husband says I am glowing. I also have a beautiful sister who is 27, and an awesome baby brother who is 10. How cool is that? 
I can't explain the feelings that I have. Its a wholeness that I have never felt. The missing pieces are finally in place. So many questions that I have had my whole life have been answered. It is truly an answer to my prayers. 
Many people have asked  about a DNA test. I did mine last Thursday and my biological mom is doing hers tomorrow. We will have the results in 3-5 business days. The DNA test is important to me. It leaves no room for doubt, no room for my mind to wander. It also gives proof to those who doubt my judgement. But most importantly it gives me that peace of mind that I have been after for so long. 

I have had many people ask about a reunion. We are starting to save our money now in hopes of flying to Ohio in May to meet. If all goes well I will get to spend her birthday and Mothers Day with her. We are all so excited! 

I want to thank everyone who has helped me along this journey. I know its not over yet, but I would have never made it this far without all the words of encouragement, prayers, messages, texts, phone calls, and sharing my post. I didn't do this alone, I did it with the help and support of so many people. Many that I have never met before. I appreciate you so much.  

I want to thank my adoptive family! Thank you for supporting me and putting up with me all these years. Thank you for loving me and caring for me. I am so thankful for the life that my parents gave me and I love them dearly. I am thankful to my brothers for always looking out for me when I was growing up. Even if I didn't want them to sometimes. I was blessed with a great childhood. I also have some of the best and craziest cousins around. The support from my cousins has been amazing and I really appreciate and love you all. 

I want to thank my husband! He has been my rock. I absolutely could not have made it through this without him. He has been my strength in times that I didn't even think I could stand. I am so thankful that he never gave up on me.

I am thankful to God who is faithful. The bible says he gives us the desires of our heart.  He has given me mine. God is so good. I know that He has had his hand on me my whole life. My heart is overflowing with thankfulness. 

I hope I was able to answers everyone questions in this blog.  I will blog again as soon as I get the DNA results back. Until then remember: NEVER give up hope! With GOD all things are possible!!


  1. Ok. You got my tears flowing. *sniff sniff*. I am sooooooo happy for you! GOD IS GREAT ALL THE TIME!!

  2. As you know I am thrilled for you! As I drive by the Tulsa State Fairgrounds daily I will now say a prayer of thanks!

  3. God is good and so glad for you!!!

  4. Amy, i dont believe we ever met, but i went to school at Crowder as well, and my mother, Goldie Stapp was one of your teachers, i believe. I am so glad your journey has brought you and your biological mother together. Is there some way that people can contribute to your reunion fund? I know there are secure websites that can be set up to receive donations. Travel is expensive, and there are so many people who have followed your journey, myself included,.who would be glad to help you make it happen..... $5 or $10 or $20....whatever they could afford....it woild add up quickly!!! And you definitely deserve it!! If yoi decide to do something like that, I will make the first donation!!!

    1. I never thought about a donation find. I am not real good at asking people for help. But this is a GREAT idea. I agree it would help so much, but I am just not sure how to do it. Yes Goldie was my teacher. That is so awesome. What year did you graduate?

    2. I graduated a LONG time ago, in 1984. haha. Let me do some checking, I know of a couple of situations people have used the websites for fund raising in the past. Let me see what I can find out and I will let you know.

    3. Ok, I found a couple that are supposed to be free. You might want to check out fundly.com and youcaring.com They are both designed for they type of thing you need. :)

    4. Gofundme.com is also a good web site for getting donations. As big as your story has been on my FB feed alone, I believe people will help.

  5. And I am typing on my phone, through misty eyes, so please excuse all the typos in the above message!!! Haha